Reading Recommendations: Seven Horror Fiction Books To Read This Weekend

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seven horror fiction books to read

Love horror? See our reading recommendations for horror fiction books and please feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comments section!

The world is at war against things that slink and gibber in the darkness, and titans that stride from world to world, sewing madness and death. War has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization, and before then, Elder terrors battled it out across this planet and this known universe in ways unimaginable.

It has always been a losing battle for our side since time began. Incidents like the Innsmouth raid, chronicled by H.P. Lovecraft, mere blips of victory against an insurmountable foe. Still we fight, against these incredible odds, in an unending nightmare, we fight, and why? For victory, for land, for a political ideal? No, mankind fights for survival.

Our authors, John Shirley, Mark Rainey, Wilum Pugmire, William Meikle, Tim Curran, Jeffrey Thomas and many others have gathered here to share war stories from the eternal struggle against the darkness. This book chronicles these desperate battles from across the ages, including Roman Britain, The American Civil War, World War Two, The Vietnam Conflict, and even into the far future.

This ebook edition features 22 interior illustrations (one accompanying each story)


All three volumes of the spine-chilling TATTERDEMON trilogy available in one single volume.

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her – but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A root,flung like a dirty javelin, cut a second man down. Many more deaths followed. The Preacher Fell impaled the witch upon her very own broom but she dragged him down into the field to wait for three more centuries.

Three hundred years later Maddy Harker will murder her bullying husband Vic. She will bury him in the field as she buried her abusive father years before that. The very same field where the revenant spirit of Thessaly Cross lies waiting.

In three days Vic will rise again – a thing of dirt, bone and hatred.

Men will call him the Tatterdemon.

And hell – and Thessaly – will follow

“The genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion.” –Edward Lee, author of FLESH GOTHIC and CITY INFERNAL


“This is exactly the kind of intelligent, action-packed zombie thriller that fans of DJ Molles and Max Brooks will love!”
– ZombieBookBlog
When the zombie apocalypse sweeps across the eastern states of America, Jack Cutter is the man least likely to last beyond the first few minutes. Dealing with the recent tragic deaths of his wife and child, Cutter is forced into a desperate struggle for survival – and for redemption. Everything Cutter came to expect from life is torn away and turned upside down so that all he has left is his instinct and a sense of fate that compels him on his journey.
The action is frantic and terrifying as Cutter slowly discovers the cost of staying alive is dealing with his guilt and accepting responsibility he can never be prepared for.
‘Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse’ is a real story with real characters that readers will cheer on until the final shocking twist.
A novel of approx. 57,000 words.


Leena Price had been born with a gift. A gift which offered her only scorn from her father. She would find this gift to be either a blessing, or a huge burden. Doors would be opened into the brightest worlds or the darkest hells.

After years of living on the streets on her own, she’d found a safe haven with her aunt in New Orleans. However, New Orleans would prove to be dangerous for her. A serial killer roamed the streets of the French Quarter, and discovered this gifted woman. He kept his eyes focused on her, waiting and watching.

She’d become involved in the investigation, but would her gift help Detective Roger Black find the killer, or would it put her in harm’s way? Would karma bring Leena and Roger together, working it’s magic on them?


Are you sitting comfortably? Enjoy it while you can. For The Scoutmaster is about to tell you some stories…dark tales of the Great Outdoors, told over the flames of a campfire that will chill you to the bone… The Screaming Scout: “He’s so angry – so jealous – of the living…all he needs is a way through, a story to give him life, to keep his memory alive…” – Midsummer’s Eve is a bad time to tell a story about a scout taken by the spectre of his dreams…prepare yourself for a Midsummer Nightmare… Rock Face: “Take it easy. This mountain is always hungry…” A name from the past leads explorer scout Steve Wilding into a cave from nowhere, where the past becomes his eternal future… House of Shapes: “Some places are defined by their past, and will do their utmost to make sure history is not only remembered, but repeated…” A mysterious house is a beacon for a group of lost and weary travellers, but this beacon is a light that shines from Hell itself… Guess What We’re Having For Supper? “We can catch it and kill it. And we have to do it fast, before we become too weak to hunt it down…” A lost Outward Bound group are starving, and stalked by something in the fog. The two group leaders go off to get help, but only one returns. With food… New Boy: “No fire can warm me”‘ The new boy is no ghost, however. He is a servant of something dark and terrible – and eternal, as the gift of the timepiece to Robert Moyles will show… Cross Your Heart: “Guilt is a hungry beast.” An act of remembrance…the memory of a terrible mistake…and a plea for forgiveness that falls on undead ears… Cold Compass: “No, we’re not lost at all. We’re exactly where we need to be.” An antique compass points two lost youths in a new direction, to a marker with grave consequences… Tooth and Claw: “We have to have justice out here in the wild, right?” A stolen Siberian white tiger is the quarry for five hunters – five hunters who become the quarry themselves, but for a different creature. A hunter unlike anything seen before… The Great Outdoors have never been so chilling. Sit closer by the fire. Pray for dawn.


Two young boys reawaken an ancient vampire. Only “The Book of the Dark” can stop it. But the sun is getting low…. and vamps are not the only dangers in the night.


The thing Evil craves most is innocence. When small children disappear, you can be assured that Evil has crawled out of its dirty corner. And when those children turn up dead, Evil has clawed its mark on humanity.

What if you were a homicide detective and little girls were suddenly being kidnapped and murdered by a devious pedophile? And what if that pedophile left no evidence behind except for the broken bodies? What would you sacrifice to save just one innocent child? Would any sacrifice be too great? What if it cost you someone you loved? What if, by saving that child, you unleash a horrific monster into your own life?

Mikael Ruskoff was living his dream. He was a highly successful, homicide detective working a career he loved. He had a mother who adored him, a son he took skateboarding, and a wife he loved more than words could express. He played a mean drum set every Thursday night with his best friend on guitar. His life was comfortable and pleasurable. Then he caught a case that would change his life forever.



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The Highest Paying Passive Income Sources

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highest paying passive income sources

When it comes to earning passive income, I’m a complete novice–at best. Blogging is a hobby for me and one I enjoy very much. However, like many, I find it very exciting and fascinating to see how much other blogs really earn simply by putting their blogging skills to good use.

In case you didn’t already know, passive income is money you earn without having to repeatedly do something to do so. For example, the royalties an author makes from their books is considered passive income. You do all the work up front by writing the book, getting it edited, having a book cover designed, etc, but once you’ve published it, that’s it. You can continue to earn royalties for an indefinite time from that book, without having to work on it again.

Many of these blogs that are earning passive income do so in a variety of ways, and a lot of them share this information with their blog readers. There is a wealth of info to be found on the following blogs, from bloggers that have taken the time to test out various methods and post their results and earning reports.

Two important points I’ve seen pointed out fairly often are: finding your niche and joining the right affiliate programs. By checking out the various earning reports posted, you’ll see that many of these bloggers earn the majority of their blog incomes through affiliate programs. However, this has been a work in progress for them, and it’s not something that happened overnight. Also, just because one affiliate program pays well for them, doesn’t necessarily mean it would for another blog. Bloggers have to find the affiliate programs that will appeal to their particular readers.

So, if you’re serious about creating a blog and trying out your luck with passive income then check out the following bloggers. You will find pages of earnings reports, tips, what has worked for them, and things that haven’t worked. These people have spent countless hours building up their blogs and working with various passive income methods, and they have kindly shared all of this detailed information to help others. Enjoy!

High Paying Passive Income Blogs:

The Smart Passive Income Blog - I’ve linked directly to the earnings report page. Each of these pages (posts) contain a lot of details about what he tried, what didn’t work, etc, and there are a lot of pages here to go through.  This guy earns big figure numbers now… well over $100,000 per month, according to his monthly reports.

Making Sense of Cents – I really enjoy this blogger’s detailed reports. She breaks everything down in an easy-to-read format, as well as sharing what she’s made from various passive income sources. I’ve linked directly to the April 2016 report, but to see past reports make sure to check out the archives.

Dumb Passive Income Blog: This is a blog written by a self-described average guy that has managed to make passive income work for him in a big way. I’ve linked to his post that shares his 2015 earnings and details about how he made passive income work for him.

By Regina – This blog offers all sorts of tips to help bloggers grow their blogs. You can also find income reports on her blog. This blog might be of particular interest to authors, as Regina earns a portion of her income from books.

Entrepreneurs Journey – I’m linking to a post that talks about various ways to earn passive income.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich – I’m linking to a post that this blogger shares about how he made thousands of dollars in passive income in three weeks (and while being off the grid).

Just a Girl and Her Blog – Once a month this blogger posts her income reports, as well as what worked and didn’t work on her blog. I’m linking directly to the income reports page. It’s very inspiring to see the progression she’s had from month to month, year to year!

Matthew Woodward – Here is another great blog to check out for income reports and to see some of the highest paying passive income sources (at least for his blog). I’m linking directly to the main reports page, where he has laid out his affiliate income, consultation income, expenses, and more for each month since 2012!

Books to Read About Passive Income:

passive income by simon wolf

PASSIVE INCOME: Develop A Passive Income Empire – Complete Beginners Guide To Building Riches Through Multiple Streams (Multiple Streams, Passive Income Riches, E-commerce Empire)
by Simon Wolf

Be Your Own Boss and Make Money in Your Sleep!

Would you like to:

Work from Home?

Quit your day job?

Spend more time with your family and friends?

Travel the World?

Create a fun, easy second-income?

If so, Passive Income: Everything You Need to Know! can help you
catch your dreams. In simple, easy-to-understand language, it explains how you can develop profitable passive income streams. Once you set them up, they make you money with little or no effort on your part!


The Smart Passive Income Guide

Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Guide: How to Successfully Create Passive Income Streams With A Growth Mindset
by Bruce Walker

DISCOVER: The Passive Income Stream That Suits You

Not Every Type of Passive Income is For Everyone

To know which type of passive income stream that suits you best, you need to clarify your ambitions and honestly assess your skills and your financial situation. This guide introduces different passive income ideas and explains the Pros and Cons of each type. From reading this guide, you can easily identify which passive income (or Residual Income) path is right for you.

☆ 80% Mindset / 20% Strategy ☆

YOU can have great tactics, strategies and information on how to create passive income – but to actually earn a passive income, having a winning, positive and empowering mindset is much more important. In this guide, we’ll discuss some common traits and beliefs of successful passive income earners. We’ll find out why they’re so successful and how they overcome obstacles. We’ll discuss some of the limiting beliefs and myths that many of us have about earning passive income.

This is not a guide on just teaching you ”How to make passive income”. We will discuss a great deal on the mentality you need to have to stay on track.

☆★☆ Highlights of The Smart Passive Income Guide: ☆★☆

• Common Misconceptions about Passive Incomes

• A Successful Mindset for Making Passive Income

• The Pros and Cons of each Type of Passive Income Stream

• How to Build a Passive Income Business

• Obstacles to Building Passive Income

• Which Type of Passive Income Suits You Best

• 5 of The Best Passive Income Options Recommended by Bruce Walker

*BONUS* Chapter: 5 of The Best Ways to Earn Passive Income

In the last chapter, we’ll discuss five of the best ways to earn passive income. They are effective, easy to implement and highly recommended by Bruce and some of other top passive income earners.

Everyone can earn passive income! All you need is the right mindset and the right strategy.

Remember: Taking Action is The Key to Success.

Download Now and Start Building Passive Income Today!


kindle publishing work from home

Kindle Publishing: Work from Home and Generate Passive Income from Publishing Kindle eBooks
by T Whitmore

Work from Home and Generate Passive Income from Publishing Kindle eBooks

Ever dreamed of becoming a published author? To see your name written in a book cover; to have people read the words that came from your mind; to establish yourself as an authority and become an entrepreneur?

Now, all of this is possible with Kindle Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP allows you to publish a book with as little discomfort as possible. Since you’ve picked this book, it’s safe to say that you want to try it out and start a business working from home.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included Inside This Book…
Get a clear idea on the things you can write and publish Understand the importance of cover, title, and keywords and other factors which can contribute to your success. Be organized – from creating the outline to polishing the conclusion. I will also outline some important tools which you can make use of. Obtain a general idea on pricing. How can you set a competitive price? Have the basic and FREE promotional strategies! Learn about the pitfalls of publishing (which beginning authors) do and how you can avoid them Discover the step by step guide on publishing your book in KDP Much, Much More! Get Your Copy Today!

This Kindle Publishing Guide is jam packed with useful information

If you’re ready to get started with Kindle Publishing, scroll up and hit the ‘Buy’ button now, or download through Kindle Unlimited. You really have nothing to lose!


As you can see from the blogs and books above, earning passive income is a work in progress. It takes a lot of research, dedication, creativity, and patience to turn your blog into a money making machine.

Have something to share? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

The Best Time Travel Romances! 13 Books TTR Fans Need To Read Now!

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best time travel romances article

Time travel romances are books where the heroine or hero travel through time and eventually fall in love with someone from a different time period. Most involve traveling back in time, but every now and then you’ll come across a book where the main character travels to the future. Regardless, time travel romances can be quite exciting books to read.

Below see our picks for some of the best in time travel romance! Read on if you love strong, bold men and modern day heroines. Readers, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section and share your favorite TTR books.

743599He would sell his warrior soul to possess her…

An alluring laird…

He was known throughout the kingdom as Hawk, legendary predator of the battlefield and the boudoir. No woman could refuse his touch, but no woman ever stirred his heart—until a vengeful fairy tumbled Adrienne de Simone out of modern-day Seattle and into medieval Scotland. Captive in a century not her own, entirely too bold, too outspoken, she was an irresistible challenge to the sixteenth-century rogue. Coerced into a marriage with Hawk, Adrienne vowed to keep him at arm’s length—but his sweet seduction played havoc with her resolve.

A prisoner in time…

She had a perfect “no” on her perfect lips for the notorious laird, but Hawk swore she would whisper his name with desire, begging for the passion he longed to ignite within her. Not even the barriers of time and space would keep him from winning her love. Despite her uncertainty about following the promptings of her own passionate heart, Adrienne’s reservations were no match for Hawk’s determination to keep her by his side…

buynow button

25783577A modern Manhattan woman finds herself in the arms of a medieval knight in this charming time travel romance novella featuring the de Piaget family—from the New York Times bestselling author of Stars In Your Eyes.

Julianna Nelson often wishes a knight in shining armor could rescue her from her hectic New York life. But when she finds herself mysteriously transported from modern-day Gramercy Park to medieval Scotland, she may get more than she bargained for.

Sir William de Piaget has vowed to reclaim his castle, but he’s also vowed to aid any damsel in distress. And when he comes across a lost and strangely clothed woman he is bound by honor to save her. As his grandsire used to say: chivalry is never convenient…but then, neither is true love!
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2051160The Cat’s Meow

Lord Byron thought he was captivating, the fashionable matrons blushed behind their fans at a glimpse of his hard form, and nobody knew where he came from. His startling eyes-one gold, one blue-promised a wicked passion, and his voice almost seemed to purr. There was only one thing a woman thought of when looking at a man like that: Sex. And there was only one woman he seemed to want: Lilac. In her wildest dreams she never guessed that bringing a stray cat into her home would soon have her stroking the most wanted man in 1811 London…

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24805439Second in a new Scottish time travel romance series perfect for readers of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander

Serabeth’s no-good fiancé is dead, and she needs a husband fast, or she’ll be ruined. Her indignant and handsome captive will do just fine, if she can keep her mind focused on the business at hand…

Gerard is a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em ad exec who opens the door to a wild party in 21st century New York and wakes up in 18th century Edinburgh with a hangover and a beautiful, disinterested new “wife” who says he has “served his purpose.”

What the kilt?

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8546815An eleventh-century lass with a stubborn streak unleashes the red-hot hero inside her modern lover in bestselling author Janet Chapman’s irresistible new Midnight Bay adventure.

Trace Huntsman’s peaceful life has headed to hell in a hand-basket ever since stunningly beautiful Fiona Gregor moved into the vacant apartment above his house. Kidnapped centuries earlier and transformed into a red-tail hawk, Fiona is human once more and must learn how to be a modern woman. But damned if Trace is going to be the one to teach her. Not when her mere presence ignites a fiery passion deep within his cautious heart.

Fiona longs to overcome the painful memories of her tragic past—to let down her guard and become a mother again. But so far her handsome landlord is not exactly thrilled with the stray animals—and suitors—that keep following her home. When the wizard Maximilian Oceanus shows up, Trace reaches the end of his rope. Weird things happen when Mac is around—raging storms, snarling demons—but this time, Midnight Bay is at the center of a fierce battle, and Fiona is the primary target. Only Trace can save her, but first, the lovers must set aside their fears . . . and open up their hearts.

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232470882015 GOLD MEDAL International Book Awards Readers Favorite

WARNING: This book contains a proper English earl, whose frozen heart hides a tortured soul, and a feisty modern-day heroine determined to make the man see things her way. With a lovable cast of characters this book will earn a place on the keeper shelf.

Thrown back to the year 1897, Victoria Ashton is mistaken for, and forced to impersonate, the spiteful, unfaithful Countess of Guildford, who’s been missing for three weeks. Despite Victoria’s attempts to convince the earl she’s not his wife, her double’s infidelity and lies make it difficult, especially when Victoria falls in love with a man who loathes her.

Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford, is plagued with rumors he murdered his missing wife. When she unexpectedly reappears, he scoffs at her latest in a long string of lies. But the changes in Victoria make him to alter his opinion as he forges a bond with her that crosses the boundaries of time.

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rnc_taca0013a_TheVampire'sHouseOfPleasure_RoseWyntersA woman with nothing left to lose…
Violet was fascinated with the legends and lore of New Orleans. She was so fascinated she left everything behind to run a B&B in the French Quarter. But she never imagined that vampires were really real… not until the night she finds herself swept back in time to 1797.

He’s known as the Duke of Pleasure…
Gabriel Marchand has been a vampire for hundreds of years, and he’s quite content with his life as a creature of the night. Until her. When the red-haired beauty shows up in his elegant courtyard, dirty and disheveled, Gabriel can hardly believe it. Violet has tormented him for weeks in his dreams with her lush curves and lilting voice. Gabriel is convinced she has used Voodoo to curse him to want her, and he’s determined to find out why. Violet might have incited his dark passion, but he won’t be controlled by black magic.

Because nobody knows the darkness better than a vampire.

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112754A laird trapped between centuries…

Enchanted by a powerful spell, Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar slumbered for nearly five centuries hidden deep in a cave, until an unlikely savior awakened him. The enticing lass who dressed and spoke like no woman he’d ever known was from his distant future, where crumbled ruins were all that remained of his vanished world. Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. And he needed the bewitching woman by his side….

A woman changed forever in his arms…

Gwen Cassidy had come to Scotland to shake up her humdrum life and, just maybe, meet a man. How could she have known that a tumble down a Highland ravine would send her plunging into an underground cavern — to land atop the most devastatingly seductive man she’d ever seen? Or that once he’d kissed her, he wouldn’t let her go?

Bound to Drustan by a passion stronger than time, Gwen is swept back to sixteenth-century Scotland, where a treacherous enemy plots against them … and where a warrior with the power to change history will defy time itself for the woman he loves….

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73385Once upon a time… as a fair maiden lay weeping upon a cold tombstone, her heartfelt desire was suddenly made real before her: tall, broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, her knight in shining armor had come to rescue his damsel in distress…

Jude Deveraux’s dazzling bestseller greets a new generation–with this special edition featuring new material. The thrillingly romantic tale of thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery, left alone and brokenhearted in an English church, and the sixteenth-century hero who carries her heart away, A Knight in Shining Armor is a story for all time, and for anyone who believes in the power of love…

Abandoned by her lover, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery finds herself alone and brokenhearted in an old English church. She never dreamed that a love more powerful than time awaited her there… until Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, a sixteenth-century knight, appeared.

Drawn to him by a bond so sudden and compelling that it defied reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect just as she was. But she could not know how strong were the chains that tied them to the past — or the grand adventure that lay before them.

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350682From the bestselling author of Breath of Magic and Shadows and Lace comes a beguiling new time-travel love story in the hilarious, magical voice that has made Teresa Medeiros one of the nation’s most beloved romance writers.

Heiress Tabitha Lennox considered her paranormal talents more a curse than a gift. So she dedicated her life to the cold, rational world of science. Until the day she examined the mysterious amulet her mother had left her and found herself catapulted seven centuries into the past directly into the path of a rearing black charger ridden by a chain-mailed warrior.

Sir Colin of Ravenshaw had returned from the Crusades to find his castle in ruins, his enemy poised to overrun the land where generations of Ravenshaws had ruled. The last thing he expected was to half trample a damsel with odd garb and even odder manners. But it is her strange talent that will create trouble beyond Colin’s wildest imaginings. For everyone knows that a witch must be burned…but it is Colin’s heart that is aflame, over an enchanting woman he must not love, yet cannot live without.

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13325976Although I had never seen him before, I recognized him immediately. I’d have known his voice anywhere. This was the guy I’d seen on my last journey back in time.

Or more precisely, the one who’d kissed my doppelganger while I was hiding behind the curtain in disbelief.

Sixteen-year-old Gwen lives with her extended – and rather eccentric – family in an exclusive London neighborhood. In spite of her ancestors’ peculiar history, she’s had a relatively normal life so far. The time-traveling gene that runs like a secret thread through the female half of the family is supposed to have skipped over Gwen, so she hasn’t been introduced to “the mysteries,” and can spend time hanging out with her best friend, Lesley. It comes as an unwelcome surprise when she starts taking sudden, uncontrolled leaps into the past.

She’s totally unprepared for time travel, not to mention all that comes with it: fancy clothes, archaic manners, a mysterious secret society, and Gideon, her time-traveling counterpart. He’s obnoxious, a know-it-all, and possibly the best-looking guy she’s seen in any century…

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3130618Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, has abandoned the Brotherhood and forsaken his vows. Feared by all and trusted by none, he hunts alone, seeking vengeance against the evil that destroyed his son. He has not saved an Innocent in sixty-six years–until he hears Brianna Rose’s scream of terror across centuries, and leaps to modern-day Manhattan to rescue her.…

Brie is a gifted empath who spends her time fighting evil from the safety of her laptop-zand fantasizing about the medieval Highlander she met just once. Still, her life is pretty ordinary–until she awakens one night consumed with Aidan’s pain and rage. When Aidan suddenly appears and takes her hostage, Brie cannot believe how dark and dangerous he has become. She knows she should be afraid, but instead, she will fight across time for his redemption…and his love.

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22664678She’s finally met the man of her dreams. Only one problem: he lives in a different century.


A mysterious artifact zaps Isabelle Rochon to pre-Victorian England, and suddenly her love of historical authenticity collides with the reality that she’s a modern-day girl. But when a thief steals her card case, she determines to retrieve the time-traveling artifact. Now she must hunt down the case, navigate the pitfalls of stiff society London, conceal her origins, and resist her growing attraction to Lord Montagu, a viscount so hot, he curls her shower-loving toes.

Lord Montagu is resolved to avenge his sister and has no time for dalliances, despite the appeal of the strange but lovely Colonial. However, when his scheme for revenge requires a respectable match, he convinces Isabelle to masquerade as his fiancée. But he did not bargain for Ms. Rochon being his intellectual match or her irresistible allure.
Isabelle thought all she wanted was to return home, but as passion flares between them, she must decide when her true home, and her heart, lies.

Set in 1834 London, this time travel historical romance features a small cast of historical characters, including Ada Byron, Lord Byron’s daughter, and Charles Babbage, inventor of the Difference Engine. It explores the often overlooked scientific developments of pre-Victorian London.

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8/22/16 Today’s Free and Discounted E-Books

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free discounted ebooks  blue

Hi Readers!

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend. Today’s list of free and discounted e-books is LIVE! If you haven’t already, make sure to bookmark the link below as we post all of our freebies or discounted reads on this page.


Click here for the list.

Resources for Writers: Seven Books That Every Serious Writer Needs To Own

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resources for writers seven books

Writing a book is one of those jobs that don’t require a lot of specialized tools. Many great books have been born from nothing more than a computer and an awesome imagination.

However, all great authors eventually need a helping hand.

The following books will help make your writing process a lot easier. Keep them somewhere close on your desk, as you’ll likely find yourself reaching for them often, especially if you’re a full time writer. The great thing about these books is they are useful for all types of writers.

Some or all of these books might be available in Kindle format, but you might want to consider actually purchasing the print form, as you will likely use these again and again.

Just about anyone affiliated with books (writers, publishers, editors, etc) have not only heard of The Chicago Manual of Style but use it daily. This is a book that no writer should ever be without. There are way too many references in this book to ever list, and it will help you with correcting all kinds of editing issues. This is a book you will want in hardcover. It’s not available in a Kindle edition. Amazon gives you the option of “renting” a copy. Why rent, though, when you can buy?


The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

There are a lot of rules when it comes to grammar and punctuation, and unless you work as a professional editor you’ve likely forgotten several of them since your school days! Even though you’ll be getting your book edited, it’s still important to write as clean of a copy as you can. This book will help you a lot when it comes to writing, not just with books but with articles, too.


the only grammar bookWhether you are a book writer, a magazine writer, or even a blogger, this is another excellent resource for a writer to have. This book focuses on grammar, and it contains a lot of examples to guide you.


Merriam Collegiate Dictionary

Sure, the Internet is full of dictionaries, but isn’t it just nice sometimes to have one you can pick up and flip through?


associated press stylebookThis book is geared toward journalistic writing, so it’s perfect for freelance writers and writers who write for magazines, newspapers, and other news sources. Although this is available in Kindle format, it’s one of those books you will likely want in print form.


writers market 2016

This is a must have book for any author considering submitting their books for publication. It is a huge resource filled with all kinds of information about publishers, including contact information. It’s also a great source for magazine writers, too. This is another book you will want to get in print form, as it will be a lot easier to use when you’re working out which publishers you want to submit to.


Guide to Literary Agents 2016

Considering traditional publishing? If so, many of the big publishers require writers to have literary agents in order to submit your book. This book contains hundreds of listings for literary agents, as well as other tips and advice.


Writers, what books can you not live without? Leave a comment and share your essentials below.

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